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High PR Forum Submission Sites List 2020

Category : Blog

Forum submission is just one of the most common SEO  techniques where we produce backlinks for our Website using forum sites. Forums let us ask questions Answer the questions of others.

The method is as straightforward as saying. You’re ready to drive some traffic  to the site or your site. We are here utilizing a list High DA forum submission sites.

What is the forum submission sites list?

Forum submission is not painful to do but locating the sites is kind of tricky. There are a few websites as forums and a few websites have forum submission their client’s queries. You must register for an account to get these forums.

The functioning of a forum is straightforward. You have to find the inquiries related with the organization advertise or your site. You need to compose a response for this, As soon as you find any query related to your article or the site and you’ll have the option to put your backlink in the close of the answer.

High PR Forum Submission Sites List 2020
High PR Forum Submission Sites List 2020

Some forums kind of the replies before submitting to restrict the spamming within the forum. But we’re here utilizing a list of approval forums to conserve resources and your significant time. This gathering accommodation destinations rundown will make it feasible for you to achieve the best outcomes.

Benefits of Forum Submission sites

The benefits of forum submission are obvious and ground-breaking. With help to SEO, this strategy pushes deals that is brand new and traffic to your organization.

  1. Great platform to discuss and gain knowledge in your area of work
  2. Free and effortless method to publicize your small business
  3. A platform to make worthy networks on your business
  4. Particular appreciation from your customers and forum owners should you do great work on it.

Engine adores these backlinks coming out of forums. These hyperlinks don’t come under the class of black or spamming hat SEO. Also it’s easy to do it utilizing our forum submission sites  list gave in the finish of the report.

Why are Forums Submission Sites so Important?

Forums areutilized by entrepreneurs and proprietors to improve their image mindfulness and presence. Forum is a superb way to socialize with people on a daily basis. You’ll have the ability to present your services and data to users if you utilize these programs appropriately.


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Social Media Is for More Than Just Marketing.jpeg

Social Media Is for More Than Just Marketing

Category : Blog

In the business world, social media has turned into for brand development and customer care. It’s an easy way to stay in touch with customers and creatively market your products or services. Businesses are starting to consume these statistics and advantages social media’s role in their customers’ lives. Now, 78% of companies report that they have teams devoted entirely to social media.

Though social media fits accurately into a sufficiently marketing campaign, Now we discuss here that Social Media Is for More Than Just Marketing with these steps :

Customer service :

While traditional support channels cover the customer after the cooperation, escape you with just an email or phone number, social media support is a real reaction into your customers’ activity. It can serve as a customer service tool that adds transparency and humanity your customers appreciate. Questions are generally answered for all to see, leaving little room for poor, half-baked responses.

It is also highly decisive. Tons of businesses utilize Twitter as a support and customer communication tool. You can instruct followers with one tweet and cut down on emails, calls, and chats. This is especially profitable during service outages, product releases or any time you suppose high demand.

These channels create important feedback too. Facebook and Google+ reviews offer important customer happiness insights and add a level of trust for prospective customers researching your business. Positive peer reviews are also more likely to land you a sale than self-marketing, so these rating appearance go a long style.

Social Media Is for More Than Just Marketing
Social Media Is for More Than Just Marketing

Customer engagement :

When you are present on someone’s feed, you are more likely to significance their next plan or purchase. Offer rewards through social media. Generate contests and encouragement for people to “check in” at your location, or provide coupons in transfer for page likes and shares. At the very least, you will increase some screen time on their social feed and catch someone’s eye. And ideally, you will confident repeat business that grow into a loyal customer base.

Increased engagement means increased customer retention. The more you can get your followers chiming in or clicking through — whether that is with exclusive deals, profitable content, or absolute and thoughtful messaging — the better your chances of keeping them around. Try spurring discussion on your page or around a definite post by inviting your followers into the conversation. The topic does not have to be your business or services, but something relevant to your industry that builds a cooperation with your brand.

READ MORE – How To Write In a Conversational Tone To Increase Readership

Product development :

User observation can shed real light on companies’ strengths and shortcomings. Listen to what people say and integrate the best feedback into your business/product roadmap. Customers will appreciate their impact and likely provide more constructive criticism down the road. Plus, what better style to improve your products and generate new ideas that your target audience actually wants?

The life of a product or service can also be lengthy by resurfacing older content. For example,about a new product if you publish a blog post, plug last month’s release too. When you re-share “old” news forward with fresh content, you can revive interest and catch the eye of users who missed it the first time around. And since we are on the topic, do not forget the act social media plays in product marketing.

E-commerce :

It is more accessible and cost-effective than carried to the store or creating a phone call, especially now that the majority of online retailers have free and fast shipping options. Online and mobile instruct dismiss the geographical restraint that limit your market.

So how can you advantage social media for online sales? First off, durability. When you sell online, you can offer discounts to purchaser who share a product or service with friends over social media. Secondly, social media can be utilized as an independent online shop. Facebook pages can handle as online shops. 

Human resources :

Businesses are no longer only limited to ads and word-of-mouth to identify the best employees — top expertise can be recruited through social media. Sites like LinkedIn let them share job openings site-wide and conduct better consumer screening. The social element adds a complete new layer to the traditional interview process. You may “connect” with a potential customer before you ever interview them, expand access to their network, interests, recommended skills and more. 

It’s a whole new world for job-seekers too. You can administer for positions right through LinkedIn and even see how many applications have earlier been submitted, or check out a company’s Glass door reviews for a glimpse into their culture. 


While making connections utilized to mean encircle up at a conference and trading business cards, these days you can get as much — if not more — networking value from social media. It has never been simpler to engage with other professionals and make exceedingly personal connections that flourish and last. You can also tell a lot from a person’s profile and the content they commonly publish.

LinkedIn is obvious for this purpose, but Twitter is an improbable networking tool as well. Much like walking up to a circle of visitors and introducing yourself, you can begin conversations or join active discussions by tweeting at other users. Twitter lacks the friends-only vibe of Facebook — its users consistently welcome followers they do not know personally, and the most active generally connect regular with people they have never met face-to-face.


It is simple to see what the future might hold with social media. Be your own time machine — stay up on the latest industry trends and anticipate advances to get a head begin. Research what customers are saying about contest brands and let that notify your strategy. Better to learn from another company’s confused than make them, and better to celebrate their successes as teaching moments too. If utilized to its full potential, social media can drive success curative and at little cost to businesses. So log in!

If you want to learn more about how Social Media Is for More Than Just Marketing then Social Media Marketing Training in Chandigarh is the best place for you.

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Principles of a good web design in 2020

Category : Blog

The success of any website or online business depends entirely on the design of your website. Most of your customers or potential visitors always check your website first, then they will visit your physical store. Therefore, it is necessary that the design of your website is perfect and related to the requirements of your business. Web design is more critical for potential customers or conversions than you think. In fact, website design does not necessarily mean how it looks or feels, but how it works. Even a simple website and a well-structured design are enough to generate leads or conversions. Here, we will discuss the 8 principles of good web design in 2020. For More Details Join Web designing training in Chandigarh

Good website design needs a lot of experience in the field of web design, in addition to an experienced person who knows the design techniques and principles of web design. The design principles we are going to discuss will help you create a perfect web design to generate more leads or conversions for your business.

8 Web design principles 2020

Simplicity is best

Overdesign does not work. Adding too many elements to your site can distract your visitors from the main page of your site. Simplicity is the key to creating effective, clean and up-to-date designs that make your site appealing, as well as leading visitors to navigate other pages of your site. Essentially, this will help you generate leads or conversions for your website consistently and efficiently. Remember to keep your design simple and easy to use so your visitors can easily navigate or visit other pages of your site easily.

Principles of a good web design in 2020


Consistency in web design is a very important factor for any business. Try to focus on your website design and create consistency on all other pages of your website. In order to work effectively, navigation must be clear and consistent throughout your site, including fonts, headers, footers and button sizes. Remember that consistency ensures that your site looks and feels the same all the time.

Typography & readability

No matter how nice your website looks, readable text is one of the most important aspects of the usability of web design. Thanks to readability, users can efficiently read your content and process the information you provide. Poor readability can disinterest your user, possibly driving them off your site. You must keep your website information readable for your visitors, along with keywords, meta titles, descriptions and other sensitive SEO elements.

Mobile friendly

Due to the increased use of mobile devices, it is important to focus on responsive web design. A responsive design easily adapts to the screen size of various devices. There are a number of web design tools or studios that help you design a responsive and mobile-friendly website for your business and increase the number of visitors for your website.

Selection of color and images

A perfect combination of colors from your website will help attract visitors, and if your color selection is poor, visitors will easily be distracted from your website. You need to select at least 3 to 4 color combinations to create the desired look for your website. The same rule applies to images, you must select images according to the color scheme and text of each page.

Fast/Easy Loading

Nobody likes websites that take too long to load. So be sure to optimize your images, CSS, JS and other On-Page factors that will help you increase the loading speed of your website, in addition, HTTPS will also increase the loading speed of your website.


A user’s main purpose when visiting a website is to get information .. If your site can communicate with your visitors and provide all the information they want, they will spend more time on your site. This will help you generate more leads or conversions for your online business. Therefore, always try to arrange information correctly including links, the information in the bullet points, headings and subheadings.

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Easy to navigate

To create effective navigation, you need to create a correct logical page hierarchy like breadcrumbs and by designing clickable buttons throughout your web design. It shows the user where to start reading and where to navigate through the site.


When designing responsive web design, you just have to follow these eight design principles to create a mobile responsive website for your business. These web design principles help you design a perfect website for your online business and a boost for your traffic.

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The Importance of a Website for Your Business Success

The Importance of a Website for Your Business Success

Category : Blog

Most consumers are searching on the web for data that will assist them make smarter purchasing decisions. In fact, according to the eCommerce Foundation, 88% of consumers will explore item details  before they make a purchase online or in the store. This purchasing behavior trend emphasizes the importance of a website for today’s organizations.

If you want your organization to be fruitful in the modern marketplace, you’ve got to have a professional website. Your website is the foundation of your business, supporting all of your digital marketing efforts. Below, we’ll discuss the importance of a website for your business achievement and what you have to think about beginning with an expert website for your business. for more information about webdesigning join CBitss technologies. Cbitss provide Leading Web Designing training in Chandigarh. For more Details Call us – +91 99 88 74 1983

Importance of a Website for Marketing

The significance of a website for marketing stretches to every aspect of your digital marketing strategy. As the foundation of your online nearness, each sort of correspondence, bit of substance, or promotion that you put online will drive the buyer back to your webpage. As such, it’s important that your 

site gives customers a reasonable thought of what your image is about and what sorts of items or administrations you offer.

Your website serves as that “home base” where you can send customers when they want to make a purchase or learn more about a particular product or service you offer.

The significance of a site for content marketing is also significant. Your content needs a place to live. Whether it’s blog posts or product descriptions, you need a place to display that information so that prospective customers can find it. Your site is the ideal spot to house the entirety of the extraordinary substance your business makes to educate and connect with your intended interest group – simply like the blog entry you’re reading right now that’s providing you with more information.

Your website also plays an important role in your email marketing. If you are using email marketing to reach and engage your customers, then you need somewhere to send them to convert. Your website is the perfect place to guide your email subscribers to when you want them to learn more about a product or even make a purchase. You could do this in your week after week bulletin as we do.

Each week, we send our subscribers more information on our services so they can learn more about what we do. They do this by clicking the links to our website.

Your PPC ads also need a place to lead consumers to. PPC advertising is a great way to reach more of the consumers who are most likely to be interested in your products. But you need to have a website that you can lead these consumers to when they click on your PPC ad. Whether it’s a tailored landing page or a specific product page, the ad has to have a destination on your website.

Your ad can also have multiple destinations to provide even more information and cover more areas for what the user might be looking for when they type in their search. The ultimate goal of your website is to answer all user questions with the information you provide.

The importance of a website for search engine optimization (SEO) lays in the way that this marketing tactic works. When customers use search engines to research products, services, brands, or even challenges, the search engine delivers a list of web pages relevant to these topics. So, if you want to bring some of this online traffic to your own business, you need a website to drive that traffic back to. The more optimized this site is for search engines like Google, the more chances you have to reach new consumers.

Make the Right First Impression with Professional Web Design

Even if you are a brick and mortar business that depends on local foot traffic, there’s a good chance that your customers are researching your business online before they come in. That is why it’s vital that you have a professional website.

The importance of a website cannot be overstated. But if this website is unattractive or hard to navigate, then you may be turning your customers away without even knowing it. In fact, a survey from Business 2 Community shows that 94% of people stated that web design is the top reason that they mistrust or reject a website.

Professional web design should include (but is not limited to) the following elements:

  • Simple Navigation – It shouldn’t be hard for visitors to find what they’re looking for on your site without clicking around several times.
  • Attractive Design – Your site should be attractive, utilizing colors and images that align with your brand while also being pleasing to the eye. An expert site has a harmony between appealing plan and substance that is anything but difficult to peruse and snappy to stack.
  • Helpful Content – The content on your site should be informative and help visitors better understand your products and services. It also needs to emphasize relevant keywords that your consumers might use to find brands like yours online.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Your site structure and content both need to be optimized for search engines like Google. Professional site design includes SEO services that ensure consumers can find your site online.
  • Fast Site Load Times – If your site doesn’t load within a few seconds, visitors may be inclined to leave. Professional website design will ensure quick load times to improve the client experience.

Proficient web composition will guarantee fast stack times to improve the client experience.

Easy Conversion – Your website should make it easy for visitors to convert with a quick and simple check-out process. Your shopping cart should also be easy for customers to use and come back to if they click away from your page.

If you don’t have the resources in-house to design and maintain a professional, working website, then you may need to get help from a web design agency. (But more on that in the next section!)

About Author – CBitss  Technologies provide best Digital Marketing Training in Chandigarh with 100% placement support. CBitss has well defined course modules and training sessions for students. At CBitss Digital Marketing Course is conducted during day time classes, weekend classes, evening batch.       

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Difference Between Zoho Books and Tally

Category : Blog

Tally is simple accounting software. Zoho Book is cloud based and more functions and different applications.

Why Tally

Tally is basically an accounting software. It is used for different types of accounts, whether it is a company or a personal. It is a popular software among small, medium and large companies. For day-to-day accounting, finalizing the balance, inventory management and tax filing is the ultimate solution. It is very prominently designed to make business accounting or bookkeeping procedure efficiently.

What is Tally?

Tally is an accounting software. Tally software works through a technology called simultaneous multilingual accelerated technology engine. It is an industry-ready easy-to-use software. In general, the focus is on obtaining a solution for accounting principles, inventory and data integrity. It also has a global business function.

Tally offers many solutions such as inventory and stock management, invoicing, purchase order management, discounts and exact valuation of stock.

Difference between Zoho books and Tally

Tally accounting software also has some other options. It can track all transaction details. It helps to maintain the classification of bills, general ledger, bills to be received and paid, bank transactions in a simple way.

Tally is safer and more reliable due to the technology. For its reliability, Tally is used to connect multiple office locations for secure data transfer.

Tally is the most capable software in financial analysis and financial management system. Tally is also used to get a clear report of revenue to be received, cash flow statement, activity consolidation and branch administration.

Tally software is a simple and easy-to-use software. Multiple users are supported via a single connection. To publish a global financial report, it can be easily connected to the internet.

User can easily connect Tally with many Microsoft applications.

Benefits of Tally Software

It is very important for every business organization to understand the financial situation. Organizations need to keep good bookkeeping to get a clear picture of their productivity and financial health. Previously, the company hired an employer who is expert in maintaining all account-related documents manually. After modernizing the technology, it is easy to maintain all accounting-related works through accounting software. Tally is the most simple and suitable software for performing related work.

Tally is the ultimate solution for business accounting systems. Tally software maintains cash received to withdraw money, bank statements, daily cash flow records and even interest payments. Due to the multiple use function, it can cut multiple currencies across multiple locations.

Why Zoho

Zoho software is made to solve business problems. The interface of Zoho CRM is very easy and understandable. Zoho is easily designed from installation to terminology. It is easy to operate without technical knowledge, or even the user is new to the sale. Zoho CRM also has an app that can automatically scan your business card.

Zoho CRM is made to complete maximum work in a minimum of time. Zoho CRM is used in business to support customers, achieve higher sales and achieve productive results. It can be used in any type of device with any type of operating system.

Characteristics of Zoho

1. Zoho can create a contact list with all relevant information at one location, even social feeds. User has easy access to the location and stays informed.

2. Create a good sales activity report on an intuitive dashboard.

3. Zoho can manage current projects using tools such as Planning, Time Tracking, Reports, Wiki, Forum Zoho mobile app gives user an update on smartphone.

4. User can post on Twitter for campaigning. The user can add a link on LinkedIn, Facebook or even post an image and status messages and use Zoho tools to track the interest generated.

5. Zoho connect is a platform where all employees can communicate and get things done without any security threats.

6. Create emails with custom templates to stimulate e-mail marketing.

7. Zoho CRM is a complete service called Zoho CRM integration service. It is enriched with more than thirty-five apps. Users can easily use extensions such as Zoho Mobile Edition, Zoho Email, Zoho Projects, Google Apps, Mail Chimp, Twitter, Facebook and many more. Zoho CRM is still working on more apps working together. The user can easily transfer data from app to app, which minimizes time consumption. It ensures much better communication between employees in every organization and decision-making

8. Zoho CRM is cheaper than all other CRM software. Zoho recently launched a new software suite called Zoho One. Due to the wide scope of application and the lower costs, it is preferred by small and medium-sized companies.

9. It provides an open API that gives the user much more freedom to use the system. User can adjust his business interface according to fulfill needs.

Comparison of Tally and Zoho

Tally is a simple accounting softwareZoho is a fully business ready CRM software.
Tally is on local software.Zoho CRM is cloud-based software.
Tally is used to calculate multiple account types, to calculate transactions in multiple currencies, to calculate profit and loss checks and to create a perfect budget report for the company.Zoho CRM has all those functions, including the accessibility of contacts. The function is more efficient to give users a good view of invoices, stock invoices and user contacts.
Support for multiple Indian languages ​​making it more efficient for Indian usersSupport for multiple foreign languages, making it globally acclaimed CRM software.
One-time payment system and it is much higher.User-friendly payment system, monthly and annual basis and costs very lo
Mobile compatible for IOS and Android platform.
It is better mobile compatible functions such as Android, IOS, Amazon, Microsoft Windows.
Company name Tally solution Pvt. Ltd. The head office is in Bangalore.Company name Zoho Corporation Pvt.Ltd. Head office in Chennai.

In this article Tally training in Chandigarh describe differences of Tally and zoho books. I hope you like this article. 

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Phalcon Introduction

Category : Blog

  What is Phalcon:

Phalcon is a high-performance open-source framework, PHP web framework based on the model – view – controller (MVC) pattern.

Originally released in 2012, it is an open-source framework with license under the terms of the BSD license. 

Unlike most PHP frameworks, Phalcon is implemented as a web server extension written in Zephir and C for the purpose of increasing execution speed, reducing resource consumption, and handling multiple HTTP requests per session. Second than comparable framework written primarily in PHP. A disadvantage of this approach is that root / administrator access on the server is required to install Phalcon by building a custom binary file or using a pre-compiled binary file

Phalcon was created by Andrés Gutiérrez and employees who were looking for a new approach to traditional web application frameworks written in PHP. The original version of the framework in 2011 was called “Spark”, the name was later changed to Phalcon, which represents the words “PHP” and “falcon”. The first release of Phalcon was made available on November 14, 2012.

Phalcon Directory Structure:

Following is a directory structure for phalcon project:

App: The app folder consists of the crux throughout the application. All script folders and files are in the folder. Specifically, it consists of  config, controllers and views resource folder. This directory characterise all the functionality of an application. It consists of vital scripts and files that are executed on the server.

Configuration: it defines the configuration properties of the application. It consists of four files:

  • Config.php: it provides the user interface based on a nested object property. It helps in gaining access to the configuration data within the application code.
  • Loader.php: With this we can load all project classes automatically. Because this part is written in C, it offers the lowest overhead for external PHP files.
  • Router.php: This allows us to define the routes that are assigned to controllers or handlers. Controllers receive the request for allocation. A router simply parses a URI to determine this information.
  • Services.php: implements injection of dependencies and location of services.
  • Controllers: All methods defined under controllers process the requests. By default, all methods on the controller are assigned to actions.
  • Views: it represents the user interface of your application. Views consist of html files embedded with PHP code that perform the task accordingly.

READ MORE AT – Why Use PHP in 2019?

Cache: it is a class in the Phalcon directory that allows faster access to frequently used data. This class is written in programming language C. It offers high performance and less overhead.

Public: it contains all those files and folders that support the most important content during execution, such as CSS, JavaScript, images, etc. 


The performance of Phalcon is a characteristic that sets it apart from other traditional PHP frameworks. Phalcon has a combination of both PHP and C; each of them can be used as an independent module. The compilation of each request is viewed at a higher speed in Phalcon, making everything look out-of-the-box.

C Language

Phalcon is compatible with C, which increases the compilation speed. C also offers in combination with Phalcon Object Relational Mapping (ORM) that ensures consistency with models made. Every model made in Phalcon is linked to the relational database table. ORM in Phalcon is purely implemented in C.

Tools for developers

Development tools are used to develop web applications. These tools help to generate a scaffolding application with a combination of all functions (C – Create, R – Read, U – Update, D – Delete). The developer tool also includes extended support for third-party libraries to be implemented in phalcon.

Object Relational Mapping

Phalcon supports a wide range of databases. It is not limited to access to relational databases. It supports both relational and non-relational databases, as well as adding a spring to the shell of the Phalcon framework

Features Of Phalcon:

  • It is the fastest framework for PHP.
  • It is a full stack open source framework.
  • It can create independent framework.
  • This requires a small amount of code for specific task implementation.
  • It provides ORM (Object Relational Mapping), templating engine, routing, caching etc.
  • It is a loosely linked framework, the user can build a project with a directory structure according to the application requirement

Phalcon offers the classic features of a modern PHP MVC framework, so it must be comfortable to use, so in that sense it’s just another PHP framework. But where it really stands out from the others is its speed. If you want to know more about Phalcon, view the PHP training in Chandigarh website.

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How to create Company in tally ERP 9?

Category : Blog

To start accounting with Tally, the first and most important thing to know is how to create a company in Tally ERP9. For users who operate multiple businesses, they can create several companies in the Tally ERP 9 software at a single cost. Today, Tally ERP 9 has ceased to be a concept of accounting software. It helps you achieve better legal compliance by updating the legal files available on the Tally solution website. You can operate the Tally remotely using functions, process payroll and many more functions are regularly updated using Tally solutions. The most recent improvement is GST. Tally ERP 9 is compatible with GST as of version Tally ERP 9, release 6. However, many are confused about the creation of the company for the regular GST distributor and composition distributors. 

Quick Guide to create company

  • Open the Tally software by double clicking on the Tally.ERP 9 icon.
  • If you are opening Tally ERP 9, the first time after installation, you will be directed to a menu called the company information menu.
  • Select the Create company option in the menu and press the Enter key.
  • The screen shown in front of you is the company’s creation screen.
  • Enter the name of the company, the address, the financial year begins and all other details requested by the creation screen.
  • Press the Enter key. Finally, the program will ask you to confirm to Save, Yes or No.
  • To save and create a company, press the Enter key, press the Y key or click Yes. The program will create a company and you will enter it

How to create company in Tally ERP9? 

Step 1: Double click on tally icon from your desktop.

create company in Tally ERP9 - click Tally ERP9 Icon

If you are using Tally for the first time after installation, you will have a screen like the following. This is the initial screen of the company. On the right side you will find a menu box called Company Information.

How to create company in tally erp 9 Company info Screen

Step 2

You are in the company information menu. Now, how to create a company in Tally ERP9? To do this, select Create company in the menu with the up and down arrow keys and press the Enter key.

How to create Company in tally ERP 9?

Company Creation screen will be displayed.

How to create Company in tally ERP 9?

In this company creation screen, you must enter all the details of the company. Let’s explain each section separately.

Directory: – Directory means the location of data storage, this is the place where the tally stores all the data entered in the Tally ERP9. By default, data storage is in the installation folder. You can change it in the desired location by typing it manually. For example D: / Tally data

Name: Enter the name of the company in this field, for example. ABC LTD

Address: this is the place where we can enter the company address.

Country: Select a country from the list in which your business exists.

Status: Select the state in which you want to comply with the statute.

PIN code: PIN code of the location where your company’s office exists.

Phone Number: Enter the phone number

Non-mobile: enter the mobile number

Fax No: Fax No if it exists.

Email: enter your official communication email ID

Website: Enter the website address if it exists. for example 

Book and financial Year Details.

The financial year starts from: Enter the financial year in which you want to create a company. Suppose you can start a business on April 1, 2018. You must enter the financial year as of 01.04.2018.

Start of the book from: most of the company has a start date of the book equal to the start date of the financial year, but may differ for companies

They are starting in the middle of the financial year.

Companies that are migrating from Manual Accounting to Tally ERP9 in the middle of the financial year.

Security control In Tally ERP9 on the screen for business creation.

Tally vault password: This is for security reasons. By enabling this, Tally ERP9 converts the account data into an encrypted format. Encryption means converting data from a recognized format to an unrecognized format.

For example: your password is – @tally123 system will encrypt this password similar to @tallyaccounting123. The benefit is that it is very difficult to read the data, even if our data is stolen.

By entering the Tally Vault password, you can prevent unauthorized access to company data

Tally Vault password and password strenght indicator

Now in Latest Tally ERP9, there is a password security indicator, which will help you set a secure password. The red color indicates a weak password where the peach orange color: regular, yellow is good and the green color indicates a strong password.

Keep the password in writing in a safe place to avoid losing the password in the future. You must enter this password every time you open the company.

Be careful, forgetting your password, you will not be able to use the Tally data

Use security control: by enabling this you will get complete control over your data, you can assign users for specific purposes, for example

  • You can assign data entry operators that can only access the receipt input screens.
  • You can assign billing employees who can only access the sales invoice receipt
  • You can assign financial managers who can access financial data and reports while the administrator controls their access.

In this section you will be asked the name and password of the administrator. Tally gives you a warning message “Forgetting your password makes your data inaccessible!”. Before moving on to the next option, see the image below

How to create company in tally erp 9 Accounting software
How to create company in tally erp 9 Accounting software

Use the tally audit functions: by enabling this option, the administrator will have the privilege of an auditor and will be able to track changes made by users.

Do not allow the opening in educational mode: you cannot open the company if the program is in educational mode, since we all know that Tally is freely available for educational purposes, in which you can enter transactions only on the first and last date of each month

Base Currency Information In Company Creation Screen.

This is the currency information screen. Almost all fields are completed automatically and can make changes if necessary. The following fields are available in this section.

  • Base currency symbol: this is the currency symbol of the country you have selected. It is not necessary to change it if you are using the same currency for accounting.
  • Formal name: This is the formal name of the currency you are utilizing.
  • Is symbol Suffixed to amounts: ask if a currency symbol is required before an amount such as $ 45
  • Add Distance Between Amount and Symbol: This is like $ 45, a space between the currency amount and symbol.
  • Display Amount in Millions: If you set this option yes, Tally will display the amount in millions, that is, in the balance sheet, the amount.
  • Number of decimal places: 2 decimal places are usually used, to use Paisa in Indian currency we use 2 decimal places such as Rs 99.99, Ninety-nine rupees, ninety-nine Paisa.
  • Word used to print the decimal portion of the amount: This is used in printing, in the Indian currency it is said that the decimal portion is Paisa. Set it according to your formal decimal value name in your currency. For USD it is cents. Hundred cents make a dollar.
  • No decimal place to print the amount in words: if you set this option 1 in Indian currency, when printing 75 Paisa. Print seventy Paisa. if you set 2, it will print the second fraction as seventy-five Paisa
How to create company in tally erp 9 Accounting software

Step 3 : Accept the screen. If you have entered all the details, you will be asked for the Tally Vault password. Enter the Tally Vault Password here.

tally vault password screen

You will be asked user name password you have entered in security control. enter that as well.

CBitss technologies - create company in tally erp 9

Tally ERP9 will create a company and direct it to the Tally Gateway Menu, where you can create teachers and enter transactions.

Tally Gateway Menu
Tally Gateway Menu

On the left side you can see the current period, the current date, the company name, the name of the last entry, etc. Just below the company name you can see the name of the newly created company in bold. This means that the listed company is charged.

On the right side of the screen, there are menus where you can create business masters and enter transactions.

How to create a company for the composition of GST and regular distributors

After the implementation of GST in tally, users request the creation of the company for GST distributors. There is no special company creation for the implementation of GST. You must follow all the previous steps and complete the creation as explained above. after that, you must activate GST in tally ERP9. On the GST activation screen you will find the option to configure the regular GST distributor, the Composition distributor. etc. This is available in

  • Functions F11> F3 statutory
  • Enable GST: Yes
  • Set details alter GST: Yes

On the next screen, you will find the type of option Registration  select whichever applicable to you.
CBitss Technologies provide a Tally training in Chandigarh where we get in depth knowledge about Tally ERP9 Accounting software that will definitely help you to make your skills better.

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Importance of English language in India

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English is the language of all the latest companies in the world. With the rapid technological advances, English has not only increased employment but has also helped a lot in communication. The foundation of every relationship is communication and English has become a window to global communication.

It is impossible to imagine a world without the two e: electronic communication and English. English is everywhere on the internet, books and all media. The English language is nowadays followed by almost all developed and developing countries.

Need of English Language

English is everywhere. Globalization and the Internet have made English an important part of our lives. The best and most advanced innovations in science and technology are made in the United States, where English is the most important means for scientific communication.

Importance of English language in India
Importance of English language in India

If we live in India and have knowledge of English, we can learn from the experiences and mistakes of the people who live in other developed countries. We can reject the unacceptable and accept the justified. With the help of English, we can also promote our theories to the global public.

English has, therefore, become an effective means of sharing experiences and strengthening our cultural identity around the world.

how English is important in India:

Importance of English in the internal matter: India is a country where people who live in different parts have their own language. The regional languages ​​are quite different. The language in India changes every few kilometers. The leaders and managers of the country cannot stay in contact with all these regions without a common language. It is not possible that everyone knows ten or fourteen languages. We currently have no common language except English.

We can feel at home in every corner of the country if we know this language. English is the language most suitable for maintaining internal unity. If we want to destroy the provincial, municipal and separatist tendencies of our people, we must continue to study it. English is the main means of national integration with terrorism, which is raising its ugly head in different parts of the country. We have to study English.

Use of English for Seeking Job: Knowledge of English opens up a large number of job opportunities in almost every business domain. Nearly every employer expects its employees to have basic to excellent English speaking skills.

Importance of English Language in India’s international affairs

 India’s foreign policy is the attention of all countries of the world. The whole world expects to satisfy its hunger for peace with this policy. India wants to be friendly with all countries. They must explain and convince others that her views are correct. This is impossible without an effective medium for exchanging ideas. English offers us such a medium. This is the language that enjoys the status of an international language. In the U.N.O. the discussions are conducted in this language. The majority of the countries of the world do business in this language. If India wants to play its role in international affairs effectively, its people must study English.


English is the most important educational medium in India. English medium-sized schools are those students who are interested in higher studies from universities and colleges abroad; they are supposed to pass exams like IELTS and TOEFL. These test your proficiency in English in the usual daily oral and written communication.

Language of Science and Technology

English is the language of science and technology.  without the knowledge English, Scientific discovery or innovation in other developed countries cannot reach India. All the latest technologies are now within reach, but to gain access to this technology we need to develop and Improve your English Speaking skills. The syntax of most existing computer programming languages ​​also consists of English keywords.


Although there are different websites in different other languages, English is always the primary language for internet access. Most information via the internet is in English. So to gain access to this extensive information, knowledge of English is required.

The official language of India

Although English is only one of the official languages ​​of India, it is perhaps the only language that can be understood throughout the country. It is used in building international relations through the involvement of professional diplomats on issues related to peacekeeping, world trade, economy, and culture.

So while learning your local and local languages ​​is equally important, today it is a widely accepted norm that English has become the language of professional communication and being able to express yourself and your ideas in English is not only a skill but also an art!
If you would like to learn English or any query about English course, you can contact us English learning needs here – English speaking course in Chandigarh CBitss Technologies website.

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Google AdWords Certification for Digital Marketing Job

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Google AdWords Certification for Digital Marketing Job

Google Adwords Certifications are significant for every one of the candidates who are preparing to have a Digital Marketing Career or a PPC Executive/Analyst job. Every one of the organizations will without a doubt see whether the individual is holding Google Ads certifications. And if you don’t certify Google Ads, you’re less possibility of getting a job. Let me tell you about the importance of Google Adwords certification in the Digital Marketing industry.

Google Adwords certification for Digital Marketing Interview

Most Common Questions About Google Ads certification and Its Importance

  • How important is Google Ads certification to get a job?
  • Do I need to go to Google Ads certification?
  • Is Google Ads certification essential in India? What another certification is required?
  • How are Google Adwords certificates useful in getting interviews to get the job?
  • Could a Google Ads certification increases your chances of getting a job?
  • Does having an AdWords Certificate make you a more attractive copywriting candidate?
  • What are the AdWords certification opportunities?

Digital Marketing Certification by Google:

You will receive many AdWords certifications from the Google Academy. It is very good to do a certificate in all main subjects. But I suggest that you guys should pass the following exam –

  • Google Ads Fundamentals
  • Google Ads Search Certification
  • Google Ads Display Certification
  • Google Ads Shopping Certification
  • Dynamic Search Ads
  • Google ads Video Certification

Google Ads certification, the last thing you need?

Having only Google Ads certification makes you think you will get a digital marketing or PPC analyst/executive job. This is just a ticket to participate in a digital marketing interview. For instance, when a recruiter is looking for candidates for a management role, they will surely look for candidates who hold an MBA degree.

Similarly, BE engineering degree for engineering job roles. So obviously companies will be looking for candidates who own Google Ads certification for Digital Marketing Job Role. You are not qualified to attend a job interview without having the Google Adwords certifications. Google Ads certification is just giving you additional help in an interview. These certifications will surely add value to your career and profile. But still, we have seen many individuals who own Google Ads certifications but still don’t have much knowledge on the subject. It is all about –

  • How well you act in the interview process
  • Experience & knowledge in the subject
  • Understanding various Digital Marketing tools

Getting a Google Ads certification is easy, but what matters is gaining the subject knowledge! When you know the subject very well, you will be able to answer the interview questions with reasonable points.

Google ads are all around applying different methodologies for different companies.

Related link  – Negative keywords in PPC | PPC Training in Chandigarh

Google Ads certification Training Course for Job;

In order to pass the interview and get a Digital Marketing job, you need to be having a very good understanding of the Digital Marketing subject. Digital marketing service is about giving numbers for your customer. Delivering the targeted numbers within the time span is very important. As a Digital Marketer, you need to know the steps you need to take while you take up a project.

To pass an interview and get a digital marketing job, you must have a very good understanding of the digital marketing topic. Digital marketing service is about giving numbers for your customer. It is very important to distribute the target numbers within the time period. As a digital marketer, you need to know the steps you need when taking a project

And the steps you need to follow during the project, and do you think that Google Ads certification will help you achieve digital marketing goals? Never!

It is all about your proficiency in the campaign management which will help you in achieving your goal. So every recruiter will see whether the candidate possesses these qualities. For a candidate to get a digital marketing job, you must have some kind of experience in managing digital marketing projects in SEO / PPC / SMM.

That is the Time is when you need a course in digital marketing certification by Google. If you get a Google ads certification, then visit PPC training in Chandigarh sector 34A. 

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Tips to build up Your Focus and Achieve Goals

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In one of my recent posts, Personality development course in Chandigarh trainers wrote about the significance of focus on accomplishing a successful life and also laid down a few tips to help you build up your focus and achieve your goals.

However, creating a focus isn’t a simple task.

It isn’t something you can achieve overnight.

It requires a lot of activities that you follow regularly.

Few Tips to Help You build up Your Focus

Here are six additional tips that can enable you to build up your focus and in turn, help you achieve your goals.

Tips to Help You build up Your Focus and Achieve Your Goals

1. Set a Schedule

When you have vague objectives and plans, it is not easy to work towards achieving them.

So, the first step in build up your focus and achieve your goals are clear and your plans are well thought out and most importantly, that you have a schedule for every step of the way.

For instance, saying you need to invest more time with your parents is vague – write it down as “I will consider my parents every Wednesday and Friday and meet them on Sunday.”

A schedule ensures you have a clear picture of what you have to do and this makes it simpler to focus and actually perform the essential actions. A few people even find that utilizing their Smartphone to set up dates or alarms for a particular task work out very well.-

2. Stop Procrastinating

When there is something you have to do to achieve a goal, do it at once. Stop procrastinating.

Doing something immediately is beneficial in two different ways – for one, it enables you to complete the task done and all the more critically, you don’t block valuable mind space with thoughts of having to do the task you postpone doing.

Often, it is the starting that is difficult;  when you start, the actions just flow and before you know it, the job will be finished.

If you have chosen to write a few lines in your diary every evening, don’t postpone it until after you watch your preferred late-night show; take a few minutes before the show and get it done and over with.

3. Focus on Less

Having an excessive number of things to do is a sure-fire recipe for a lack of focus – no sooner do you begin one task than your mind begins thinking about another. This eats away at your time just as your focus.

If you face this issue, make it a habit to jot down the tasks that come into your mind and pick three or four that are the most significant at this moment.

Of these, take up one at a time and build up your focus on achieving the goals related to the task; when that is finished, move to the following thing on your list.

4. Get Back on Track When You Slip

You get up early and exercise for about a week.  Then, since you work a great deal, you “forget” to exercise for three days.

Your mind will reveal to you that you have ruined your wonderful routine and trick you into pushing off getting back to your daily schedule until the next week, or until this significant task is over or….you get the idea; before you can understand it, your center is no more.

The most ideal approach to avoid being trapped like this is to tell yourself it was a busy three days, but now, you need to begin exercising again.

5. Learn to Delegate

If there is an event and the organizer attempts to do everything himself, do you figure he can truly focus on all the tasks?

Definitely not – that is the reason why there are committees and subcommittees to whom the coordinator can designate undertakings while he focuses on the bigger picture. Doing something great does not mean you need to do it all alone. In fact, this approach is regularly counterproductive due to your inability to focus on such a significant number of jobs simultaneously.

Instead, identify the jobs you are great at doing and focus on them. For all other areas – delegate.

6. Team Up

Sometimes, it tends to be useful to work with a friend or a relative who is also trying to build focus. Reveal to one another about your goals and plans and set up a system of catching up a few times a week to perceive how well everyone is sticking to their decisions.

Often, this external motivation will enable you to build up your focus faster than working on your own.

As most of us realize in hindsight, it isn’t critical to Achieve your goals –  you need to really make a move.

Think well and think hard about why you have something on your goal list. Write down these reasons.

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