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English Speaking


The English Language is one of the best ways to highlight your talent. English is considered as a common language to communicate. People who know English can communicate and survive almost everywhere in the world. The person with good technical skills  sometimes doesn’t not receive his/her deserving chance due to lacking the ability to communicate in English. We understand your difficulties so we are offering you English speaking Course at an affordable price.

According to Indian Teaching system, the English language is just taken as a subject. However if they take it as a regular exercise , young students can learn English easily while performing the speaking exercises. Today , many youngsters are good enough in reading, writing and listening. On their career path , they only lack in their confidence of speaking a fluent English.

To solve this problem CBitss has launched a comprehensive English Speaking course which benefits thousands of students for receiving good Jobs.

Indian Government also uses English as an official language. If you are looking for a career in private or government sector,  you need to learn English. English will increase your Employability in every sector and help you to excel in your professional career.

English speaking course in Chandigarh

Why English Speaking Course in CBitss Chandigarh Sector 34?

Do you hesitate during public speaking or do not feel comfortable when you speak English with someone ?? If you want to overcome this fear, so we have a solution for you. We have more interactive and fun sessions to train students to become a professional English speaker in a short span of time. We provide professional training to make you feel more comfortable to learn this language easily so that this training can boost your personality for grabbing any opportunity coming on your way.

Fluency in English is a mandatory skill to sustain and grow in any field. These will give you an additional benefit for getting growth in your field. We are here to shape your personality and interpersonal skills. Our English Speaking Course will not only work on your speaking skills but will also enhance your English reading, writing and listening skills.

Benefits of English Speaking Course

spoken-english-courseDevelop Confidence and Enhance communication skills:-

The Knowledge of English is very powerful . With having command over this language , you have the power to fight for yourself. Most of the people can’t take a step for raising their voice in front of their friends and in their business meetings due to lack of confidence to speak fluent English . So English language plays a big role to develop your confidence and as well as to enhance your skills which are very essential for the communication.

english-speaking-training-instituteEnglish skills will get you more appreciation:-

A person with good English Skills can easily speak and express their thoughts in front of an audience. Good English skills can enhance your confidence in public speaking and also attracts other people towards your personality.  Personality English Speaking course is going to play a marvelous role in an individual’s lifespan.

spoken-englishEnhance public speaking skills:-

English speaking course will enhance your public speaking skills for improving students personality. Public speaking plays a very important role when you have to make representation on the behave of your company among  the audience . Also , your public speaking skills will get you more opportunities and appreciations.

english-speaking-courseEnglish Will help you become technology friendly:-

English is the language of technology and in the Modern world, technology is growing so fast day by day. We also need to grow with latest techniques as well. Sometimes you need to make online transactions or online shopping and these all applications mainly deliver the services in English Language . Therefore, you should have good knowledge of English.

english-speaking-course-in-chandigarh-sector-34English helps to get Career growth:-

Speaking English will help you to fight all the challenges with confidence in your career path. Every Person has knowledge about their field but they face a lots of challenges while expressing their thoughts to others Many times they lost more opportunities due to this . Most of the time they feel that they can’t speak their things in front of so many people due to just lack of speaking and they loose so many opportunities coming on their path.

english-speaking-instituteKnowledge of English helps to make Professional circle:-

Now a time, Being a professional person everyone should have the knowledge of English language for creating a good business circle. That will help you to generate more business clients for your business growth.

english-speaking-course-in-chandigarhEnglish to travel easier all over the world:-

Normally, people want to travel to different places all over the world. The English Language is a global language. All over the world every person’s knows the English language so that learning English speaking course will make possible for you to travel the world without any difficulties.

Reasons to choose CBitss Chandigarh for English Speaking Course:

  • We have planned English Speaking Classes as per individual’s ability, need , time & accessibility as every person has a different level of reading, listening and speaking skills which helps in understanding the further compulsory levels of training .
  • Numerous students have complexity in basics of English like in grammar or tenses. Therefore, for such students basic courses are recommended where candidates having some basic information are enrolled from 2nd or 3rd level of the English speaking course.
  • As defined above , lesser contribution always leads to lack of confidence. Thus, we have introduced even basic activities in every class where each person has to participate. This gives internal enhancement and a great boost up along with experience to every person for speaking English with others.
  • WMI (Weekly Mock Interviews) are conducted which helps to moderate the students’ hesitation of facing interviews and also help them to make an effective resume.
  • Appropriate development is made so that the student keeps the count of that rank accordingly . This gives candidate the simplicity to analyze what has achieved and what level of hard work is mandatory to attain the desired goals.
  • Our English speaking course teaches the Students that how to experience a real feel of corporate world so that he/she comes to know about business conditions and its concerned principles.
  • Many courses are presented for the beginners and those who are good in grammar but lack in their communication skills. Regular workshops and debate sessions are conducted so that students take part in them. This really helps them in building a great confidence.
  • Advanced writing skills are prepared and video presentations are organized in which sentences , difficult words and their meaning , opposite words are created which help students to learn in an easier way .
  • Study material are divided into different modules and parts. Many assignments are given with different patterns of problem solving . Solved assignments are exchanged among the students and they are asked to check each other’s assignments and find their mistakes .
  • Many interesting and fun activities are conducted for students on daily basis . For Example : They can choose a song in their own language and try to translate them in English. Students can choose a scene from their favorite movie and translate that in English. Also , students can turn down the sound of the movie and speak them over in their English version. This is intended to overcome shyness of the students and also helps them in building confidence.
  • After completing half of the course in English speaking, performance certification is given to the students in which grades and participation are specified which helps students in motivating and help them in moving forward with the good effort.
  • These are the main points that make our course one of the Best English Speaking Course in Chandigarh sector 34.


  • Registration fees is refundable if the student finds that the trainer is not technically strong in his field. (T&C applied) (student will have to notify this on first day of class only)
  • We are committed to deliver our training services with 100% transparency.

We Don’t

  • We don’t have classroom environment. We consider in the practical training.  Thus from the day one , candidates are indulged in different skill enhancement activities moving from basics to advance level of this course.
  • We don’t provide demo classes.  All the technical/non technical confusions are made clear by the technical expert before enrolling the candidate into the training.
  • Practical Training &  Quality education is guaranteed but we DO NOT make fake commitments of 100% JOB placement .

english speaking course in chandigarh

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