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Tally Training


When the word “Tally course” comes to our mind, the wave automatically goes to the main built of the word, which is accounting. To be an accounts professional, one must know how to work on Tally. Our Tally training institute in Chandigarh is the way out to gain the complete knowledge, theoretically as well as practically. In Chandigarh, CBitss is the #1 name for accounting courses like Tally Training & QuickBooks.

tally training institute

What is the purpose of Tally course?

Tally is just not confined to the world of accounting but is a complete business solution for all types of business enterprises as the name suggests, “Tally Enterprise Resource Planning 9”. Basically this software Tally ERP9 is used by accounting professionals for an easy accounts maintenance which can be done online as well. The software of Tally ERP9 is multi-functional being used for not only managing accounts but also for managing all the billings of sale and purchase, inventory, warehouse, payroll system, Taxation including GST. CBitss Tally training institute Chandigarh provides all these features with GST which helps you to get a JOB in the industry as an accountant.

Need of Tally Training

  • Tally handles a variety of price lists, many products as well as various vouchers and ledgers.
  • A group is automatically created in the counter which is called the gateway of the counter. In this, all the accounting terms are correctly organized.
  • Tally being economical saves both our time and money as the efforts needed are always lesser because of its easy usage and understandable functions.
  • In Tally, all accounting reports are correctly summarized and all data for a particular company is saved in a drive or directory.
  • Tally makes it easier to search all the data that are entered in accounts created by a company
  • As Chandigarh is the hub of all type of companies . Therefore, learning tally is worth because all of our students get placement very easily as commerce graduates with tally course are in very high demand.
  • Our “Tally course Chandigarh” is very economical in terms of time, money & efforts . Moreover , Tally is very easy to use.

  • No theft or fraud happens because all the data can be saved by providing a password for any company, this is called Tally Vault Password.
  • Tally accounting software enables financial analysis and financial management.
  • It provides cash flow statements, activity consolidations and information on all small accounting concepts.
  • In Tally, a single connection can support multiple users or connect to all Microsoft applications.
  • Tally is cheap and affordable as compared to other accounting software. It helps in making decisions on all types of financial records.
  • GST is the most latest update in the Taxations and has subsumed all the other indirect taxes within itself. Tally ERP9 is the software capable of generating all the three types of GSTs in order to process further for filing.
  • Tally makes it easier to create reports that are difficult and time consuming when it is prepared manually.
  • With the help of Tally, all the illegal entries or adjusted amounts can be detected by the internal auditors in order to prevent the frauds.

Tally training in Chandigarh


Reason for Choosing us:

  • We are offering computer accounting training for a variety of software, such as Tally ERP 9, QuickBook, Busy, Compute-Tax, Open Office and Advanced Excel.
  • Get trained by experts to become accounts manager not only an accountant.
  • Latest versions and software’s are used.
  • We provide latest edition books with solved and unsolved questions and also revising solution.
  • Prepare students for interview , group discussions.
  • Many courses are offered in tally according to the need of the students.
  • Live projects are done with trained industry experts , presentations are conducted on projectors every week.
  • Students who are not aware of tally are taught by our trainers from scratch.

  • Seminars are conducted regularly; also both practical as well as theoretical knowledge is given.
  • Tests are conducted at the end of every week to check the performance of the student.
  • Performance charts are made to check the graph of the student improvement.
  • Many activities are organized for the students relating to their particular course.
  • Different time duration for tally institute are also offered and package of the courses are also available for the students, these courses are then practiced in the latest software of tally.
  • The intuitions motive is to develop as the best tally training institute in Chandigarh in learning and innovation. We do provide module based certification courses. Morning/Evening batches for working professionals.


Tally ERP 9 VS Tally Prime
Criteria Tally ERP 9 Tally Prime
Access Tally Data Only on the system where it is installed Accessible from anywhere with Tally.NET subscription
Multi-Tasking in Tally Limited, only one task at a time Multiple tasks can be performed simultaneously
Chart of Accounts Limited to a single group in a ledger Customizable, multiple groups can be created in a ledger
Supplementary Details Limited to pre-defined options Customizable, can be added as per requirement
Copy/Paste in Tally Only available in selected areas Available throughout the software
Change Voucher Mode Switching between different voucher modes is difficult Easy switching between different voucher modes
Printing Invoice in Tally Limited to pre-defined formats Customizable, invoices can be designed as per requirement
Update details in Transaction Fields cannot be edited after saving Fields can be edited even after saving the transaction

Syllabus for Tally training institute

  • Ledger Creation
  • Voucher Entries
  • Compound Journal Entries
  • Leaning Objectives
  • Interest Calculation and BRS
  • Exception Reports
  • Accounting Reports
  • Inventory Information
  • Purchase Process
  • Sale Process
  • Advance Feature in Invoice with Inventory Mode
  • Manufacturing
  • Work Contract
  • Advance Features in Inventory
  • Types of GST
  • GST Returns
  • Tax Deducted at source
  • Tax Collected at source
  • Creating attendance and production types
  • Making various types of pay heads
  • Employer’s contribution
  • Payroll reports

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    Job Opportunities :

    • Tax Accountant
    • Accountants manager
    • Finance Manager
    • Accounts Manager
    • Accounts & Administration Executive
    • Project Assistant Accountant
    • Recovery executive
    • MIS Executive
    • Finance Executive
    • Audit Manager
    • Inventory control Executive

    What are the differences between GST and Old Indirect Taxation?

    Compression By Old Taxation System GST System
    • Under separate laws, tax is levied by Central and State Govt. on goods and services


    • In old taxation system import of goods into India is subject to a levy of customs duty and importer person is liable to pay customs duty at the applicable rate
    • There is no separate tax levied for goods and services now. GST is a common tax applicable by Central and State Govt.
    • In the GST System till the goods and services reaches the consumer this GST tax would allow smooth and continuous tax credit at all levels.
    Place of taxation
    • Origin based taxation
    • Destination based taxation
    Excise duty and Services tax
    • Excise duty is levied on manufacture, sale or use of locally produced goods.
    • Services taxes are collected by services provider from customers.
    • Excise duty will be subsumed in GST (SGST and CGST)
    • Tax will be subsumed in GST and levied as CGST, SGST and IGST.
    State VAT
    • VAT is an indirect tax that is levied only on goods sold in a particular state.
    • Here in GST, it is subjected to CGST And SGST if the supply of goods is within the state.
    Broad scheme
    • Separate laws for charging separate taxes
    • One law for various taxes
    Tax rates
    • Different tax rates for different taxes.
    • There will be one CGST rate and a uniform SGST Rate across all states.


    • The course curricula of Tally learning center is designed live scenario based simulations by which students learn live environment based problems and their solutions during training.
    • Spoken English, Interview Preparation & communication skill development classes are compulsory for every individual which are FREE of Cost.

    Our teaching faculty is well educated and professional in their field and has experience of many years in giving knowledge to many students. They are friendly in nature and precise about their work. They clear the doubts of their students and don’t move to next part of the chapter if the student is not clear about their doubts. Each part of the course is taught by them in very significant manner so that the student understands the concept better. CBitss has been committed to creating technical talent in the country by providing high quality training programs in the field of accounting. It is a place for the Learning and Development of your Technical skills with Industrial exposure.


    • Registration fees is refundable if student find that trainer is not technically strong in his field. (T&C apply) (student will have to notify on first day of class only.)
    • We are committed to deliver training services with 100% transparency.

    We Don’t

    • We don’t have class room environment, we believe in practical training thus from day one candidates work one machine moving from basics to advance course.
    • Tally training don’t provide demo classes, all the technical/non technical doubts are make clear by the technical expert before enrolling the candidate for training.
    • Practical Training & quality education is guaranteed and we DO NOT do fake commitments of 100% JOB.

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