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Building your career as a Tableau Specialist

Come with us and create a future for yourself. At CBitss, we live by the motto of Authenticity and Integrity. These are the qualities we want to instill in all of our students. With some of the best trainers we offer you a brilliant program as Tableau Training in Chandigarh, we offer you a meaningful and successful career as a Tableau specialist.

What we have to offer:

Incredible learning curve for students

Best and most experienced trainers

Friendly and nurturing environment

Highly practical training approach

Updated syllabus 2024
Manage data easily with the most updated knowledge on Tableau software

Learn how to create mesmerising data visualisations with our Tableau training in Chandigarh

Tableau is an amazing software. It helps the user to create attractive databases. At CBitss, we try to instil creativity in our students. With the most practical approach, we teach our students how to create magic using Tableau. During the course, our students can learn multiple things such as:

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Who should join our Tableau training in Chandigarh?

When we talk about Tableau, we are talking about the world’s most versatile data visualisation software. Any person who is even remotely working with data can utilise its services. We at CBitss are determined to make our students as fluent working with Tableau as possible. Some examples of people who should join this course are given below;

Our syllabus:
Visualising data in a new avatar

In our syllabus, we have placed importance to each and every aspect Tableau learning. As Tableau is gaining a lot of popularity in the Indian offices, we want our students to be up to date with all its latest features and traits. Our curriculum includes:

Introduction to Tableau

A simple look at Tableau and its features

Data Preparation

Data types and data roles in Tableau

Basic Visualization:

Creating pie charts, heatmaps, and area charts

Advanced Visualization

Creating pie charts, heatmaps, and area charts

Calculations and Expressions

Understanding calculated fields

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Achieve Tableau Excellence: Carve yourself into a Data analyst/Scientist using Tableau

What are the job opportunities after our Tableau Training course? The world is looking for data scientists and data visualisation experts right now. With the advent of services like Tableau, it has become evident that software like this one are extremely valuable. Many companies are employing multiple data analysts because of the enormous amount of data they have to handle daily. Here are some jobs and their prime job responsibilities listed below;

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Why you should choose
CBitss as your Tableau Trainer?

Govt. Recognised - BSS

ISO Certified (9001: 2015)

20 Years of Excellence

TransEDU via Gantt Charts

T3 Certified Industry Experts

Our Accreditation:

Govt. Recognised - BSS

Our Standards :

ISO Certified (9001: 2015)

Our Experience:

20 Years of Excellence

Our Pedagogy:

TransEDU via Gantt Charts

Our Mentors:

T3 Certified Industry Experts

Asking questions is the key to success, so go ahead and ask!

Is Tableau a good tool?

It is one of the best in the market today. It is easy to use and

Is Tableau a paid service?

2. Is Tableau a paid service?
Some features of Tableau are paid, but mostly it is free to

Is the course good for my career?

Yes, definitely the course will help you grow in your career as
a data analyst.

What makes Tableau so famous?

Its user-friendly interface and easy to understand features
are the main features.

When can I join the course?

Our course is not age dependent. You can join our course at
any time.

Tableau training programs in Chandigarh
Tableau certification in Chandigarh

Data analysis and visualisation is a skill that is highly in demand nowadays. Almost all major firms require a person who can manage and present their company’s data in a visually appealing form. That is why CBitss has curated an amazingly comprehensive course on Tableau that allows students to become the best data analysts in the market.

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Tableau certification in Chandigarh

Big corporates accumulate a lot of data every day. That’s why they are always in dire need to clean and sort this data so that it can be used for company growth. Tableau is a software that helps in this process. It is quick and precise.

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Tableau certification in Chandigarh

Tableau is slowly becoming a popular data analysis software. It is also being used in many countries including India. The need for data analysis has also increased the need for software like Tableau.

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