Principles of a good web design

Principles of a good web design in 2020

The success of any website or online business depends entirely on the design of your website. Most of your customers or potential visitors always check your website first, then they will visit your physical store. Therefore, it is necessary that the design of your website is perfect and related to the requirements of your business. Web design is more critical for potential customers or conversions than you think. In fact, website design does not necessarily mean how it looks or feels, but how it works. Even a simple website and a well-structured design are enough to generate leads or conversions. Here, we will discuss the 8 principles of good web design in 2020. For More Details Join Web designing training in Chandigarh

Good website design needs a lot of experience in the field of web design, in addition to an experienced person who knows the design techniques and principles of web design. The design principles we are going to discuss will help you create a perfect web design to generate more leads or conversions for your business.

8 Web design principles 2020

Simplicity is best

Overdesign does not work. Adding too many elements to your site can distract your visitors from the main page of your site. Simplicity is the key to creating effective, clean and up-to-date designs that make your site appealing, as well as leading visitors to navigate other pages of your site. Essentially, this will help you generate leads or conversions for your website consistently and efficiently. Remember to keep your design simple and easy to use so your visitors can easily navigate or visit other pages of your site easily.


Consistency in web design is a very important factor for any business. Try to focus on your website design and create consistency on all other pages of your website. In order to work effectively, navigation must be clear and consistent throughout your site, including fonts, headers, footers and button sizes. Remember that consistency ensures that your site looks and feels the same all the time.

Typography & readability

No matter how nice your website looks, readable text is one of the most important aspects of the usability of web design. Thanks to readability, users can efficiently read your content and process the information you provide. Poor readability can disinterest your user, possibly driving them off your site. You must keep your website information readable for your visitors, along with keywords, meta titles, descriptions and other sensitive SEO elements.

Mobile friendly

Due to the increased use of mobile devices, it is important to focus on responsive web design. A responsive design easily adapts to the screen size of various devices. There are a number of web design tools or studios that help you design a responsive and mobile-friendly website for your business and increase the number of visitors for your website.

Selection of color and images

A perfect combination of colors from your website will help attract visitors, and if your color selection is poor, visitors will easily be distracted from your website. You need to select at least 3 to 4 color combinations to create the desired look for your website. The same rule applies to images, you must select images according to the color scheme and text of each page.

Fast/Easy Loading

Nobody likes websites that take too long to load. So be sure to optimize your images, CSS, JS and other On-Page factors that will help you increase the loading speed of your website, in addition, HTTPS will also increase the loading speed of your website.


A user\’s main purpose when visiting a website is to get information .. If your site can communicate with your visitors and provide all the information they want, they will spend more time on your site. This will help you generate more leads or conversions for your online business. Therefore, always try to arrange information correctly including links, the information in the bullet points, headings and subheadings.

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Easy to navigate

To create effective navigation, you need to create a correct logical page hierarchy like breadcrumbs and by designing clickable buttons throughout your web design. It shows the user where to start reading and where to navigate through the site.


When designing responsive web design, you just have to follow these eight design principles to create a mobile responsive website for your business. These web design principles help you design a perfect website for your online business and a boost for your traffic.

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