Importance of English language in India

Importance of English language in India

Importance of English language in India – English is the language of all the latest companies in the world. With the rapid technological advances, English has not only increased employment but has also helped a lot in communication. The foundation of every relationship is communication and English has become a window to global communication.

It is impossible to imagine a world without the two e: electronic communication and English. English is everywhere on the internet, books and all media. The English language is nowadays followed by almost all developed and developing countries.

Need of English Language

English is everywhere. Globalization and the Internet have made English an important part of our lives. The best and most advanced innovations in science and technology are made in the United States, where English is the most important means for scientific communication.

If we live in India and have knowledge of English, we can learn from the experiences and mistakes of the people who live in other developed countries. We can reject the unacceptable and accept the justified. With the help of English, we can also promote our theories to the global public.

English has, therefore, become an effective means of sharing experiences and strengthening our cultural identity around the world.

how English is important in India:

Importance of English in the internal matter: India is a country where people who live in different parts have their own language. The regional languages ​​are quite different. The language in India changes every few kilometers. The leaders and managers of the country cannot stay in contact with all these regions without a common language. It is not possible that everyone knows ten or fourteen languages. We currently have no common language except English.

We can feel at home in every corner of the country if we know this language. English is the language most suitable for maintaining internal unity. If we want to destroy the provincial, municipal and separatist tendencies of our people, we must continue to study it. English is the main means of national integration with terrorism, which is raising its ugly head in different parts of the country. We have to study English.

Use of English for Seeking Job: Knowledge of English opens up a large number of job opportunities in almost every business domain. Nearly every employer expects its employees to have basic to excellent English speaking skills.

Importance of English Language in India’s international affairs

 India’s foreign policy is the attention of all countries of the world. The whole world expects to satisfy its hunger for peace with this policy. India wants to be friendly with all countries. They must explain and convince others that her views are correct. This is impossible without an effective medium for exchanging ideas. English offers us such a medium. This is the language that enjoys the status of an international language. In the U.N.O. the discussions are conducted in this language. The majority of the countries of the world do business in this language. If India wants to play its role in international affairs effectively, its people must study English.


English is the most important educational medium in India. English medium-sized schools are those students who are interested in higher studies from universities and colleges abroad; they are supposed to pass exams like IELTS and TOEFL. These test your proficiency in English in the usual daily oral and written communication.

Language of Science and Technology

English is the language of science and technology.  without the knowledge English, Scientific discovery or innovation in other developed countries cannot reach India. All the latest technologies are now within reach, but to gain access to this technology we need to develop and Improve your English Speaking skills. The syntax of most existing computer programming languages ​​also consists of English keywords.


Although there are different websites in different other languages, English is always the primary language for internet access. Most information via the internet is in English. So to gain access to this extensive information, knowledge of English is required.

The official language of India

Although English is only one of the official languages ​​of India, it is perhaps the only language that can be understood throughout the country. It is used in building international relations through the involvement of professional diplomats on issues related to peacekeeping, world trade, economy, and culture.

So while learning your local and local languages ​​is equally important, today it is a widely accepted norm that English has become the language of professional communication and being able to express yourself and your ideas in English is not only a skill but also an art!
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