What is SAP Hana

What is SAP Hana?

What is SAP Hana?

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  • What is SAP Hana?
  • Uses of SAP Hana
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I have been living in India since I was born. However, I have seen hundreds of technological advancements in the country. The IT industry and the internet still give me goosebumps. The rate with which these industries are growing because of these technologies will soon be a $5 trillion economy. Moreover, Just look at the recent advancements India is making in areas like space, business, sports and whatnot. We are living in the century of India. 

Just a few days ago, we witnessed India create history by becoming only the 4th nation in the world that has successfully made a soft landing on the moon. And, not just that, further, we became the 1st ever nation to land on the dark side of the moon. However, this proves that India is not going to stop at any cost. Just like this, further we have consolidated a firm digital India that consumes billions of terabytes every day. Moreover, all businesses are working online. And that is why, as there is such a huge amount of data floating around, we need software and apps to save and secure this data. 

Today, with this article we will try to find out what is SAP HANA as well as its uses and features. So, let us start without any more delay.

What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is a popular data-saving and data-analysing software that is helping many businesses in the world today. It was created in Germany with the motive of producing software that doesn’t use disk memory or read-only memory (ROM) to store data. It comes with its own space where it can save all the data you want. You can buy more space if you want to. It is simply a better and faster way to store your data and with that even keep your PC clean. To know more join SAP HANA Training in Chandigarh.

Uses of SAP HANA:

There are multiple uses of SAP HANA in the world and India. Let us see how it and where we can use it.

1.    Real-Time Analytics and Reporting: SAPA HANA is a very crucial tool that helps in real-time data analysis in companies. Moreover, this helps them in better decision-making.

2.    Predictive Analytics: With its in-built memory setting, companies can compare old as well as new data and predict future trends. 

3.    Supply Chain Management: Inventory management becomes highly tranquil with SAP HANA. 

4.    Financial Analysis: Fast data processing helps the finance departments by performing real-time financial analysis. It helps in detecting fraud as well. 

5.    Healthcare Data Processing: Large volumes of patient data can be organised and analysed with super speed using SAP HANA. 

6.    Smart Cities: Yes, it can be used in building smart cities by creating multiple smart gadgets like smart traffic lights and multiple other devices. 


In conclusion, software solutions like SAP HANA are extremely useful in this day and age. Moreover, the higher the amount of data we produce, the more these software solutions will be required.

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Q. Can I learn this software after school?

Yes, of course this is highly useful software and it is very much in demand.

Q. What is the duration of the course?

The course is 1-2 months long.

Q. Is the course available online?

No, currently we are only offering offline courses.

Q. Can this course help me get a job?

Yes, of course our certification courses are well known by many companies and they will help you secure a decent job anywhere.

Q. What is SAP CLOUD?

Further, It is a cloud service used by SAP HANA to store all the company’s data safely. 

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