How to use Tally accounting software

How To Use Tally Accounting Software

How To Use Tally Accounting Software

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • What is Tally?
  • How to use Tally accounting software?
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


Living in an uncertain world of information and data, it is highly important to keep your personal information as close to your heart as possible. The reason you ask?

Well, simply put, there are many people, especially on the internet who only survive by conning other people. They do not care about the moral system of the world and can do anything for small monetary gains. This is where technology fails us as a race. Technologies were created to help us, not harm us in any way. But greed and envy can make people do crazy things. Hacking and leaking incidents in companies have gone way up in the past decade or so. To stay safe from this, innovations are being made in every field. For accounting, new software solutions are being developed every day. 

Today, we will discuss one such innovative solution created for accounting purposes called Tally. We will find out what Tally is and how to use Tally accounting software. So, let us start without wasting any more time.

What is Tally?

Tally is one of the most defining and well-known accounting software in the world right now. Even in India, thousands of our small, medium and large enterprises are utilising the incredible services of this software. Moreover, for a better understanding, Tally is a simple and easy-to-use accounting software that can take care of all your business accounting needs digitally. Indian businesses are getting great results after using Tally as it takes a lot of the burden away from your table. Let us see how to use Tally accounting software with ease.

How to use Tally accounting software:

Tally is a rather easy software to use. Anyone who has the minutest knowledge of accounting on a computer can easily master the skills of Tally. But if you are a novice and want to learn and become an expert on Tally, we at CBitss have the best Tally course in Chandigarh for you and your peers. Come and join hands with us Tally training in Chandigarh and create an amazing career for yourself. 

1. Installation and Setup: The first step would be easy; you just have to install the software on your computer.

2. Creating Company: However, after installing the software, open it and click on create company. Further, a dialogue box will appear on the screen, put in the name of your company and you are done.                                                              

3. Chart of Accounts: Every business has to keep track of its financial transactions like assets and liabilities. However, using Tally for these records makes it very easy. 

4. Recording Transactions: Financial transactions can be added such as sales, purchases, expenses etc.

5. Vouchers Entry: Tally uses the voucher style of recording transactions. Use different vouchers for different entries like sales vouchers as well as expenditure vouchers. 

6. Inventory Management: If your business requires you to keep a stock of products or an inventory, moreover, use the inventory feature to order or track the stock.

7. Taxation and Compliance: Furthermore, for Indian businesses, Tally has included an amazing taxation feature which includes the calculations of different taxes like VAT and GST.


In conclusion, Tally is a software that is reducing both paperwork as well as manpower which in turn is helping many businesses save a lot of money every day. Further, this is an added advantage of using Tally as your accounting software. 


Q. Does Tally have cloud features as well?

No, Tally does not use a cloud system to save your data.

Q. Can I learn this course online?

No, right now we are not offering courses online therefore, this course is available offline only.

Q. Can I do this course while in college?

Yes, of course you can avail of the evening batch at our facility.

Q. What is the duration of this course?

Further, The duration of this course is 1-2 months.

Q. Will this course help me in getting a job?

Yes, of course our certifications are widely accepted and can help you in landing a good job.

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