Tally ERP9 Release 6.4.1

Tally ERP 9 Release 6.4.1

Release Notes for Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.4.1 – India

Enhanced features for managing e-Way Bills in Tally ERP9 Release 6.4.1 learn them with tally training in Chandigarh

o As per the latest edict from GST Council, e-Way Bills are appropriate for moving taxable goods worth more than Rs. 50,000. Tally ERP9 Release 6.4.1 gives you the mobility to choose between invoice value, taxable and immune goods value or taxable goods value as part of the entrance amount of Rs. 50,000.

o Release 6.4.1 also shows which details are omitted in the invoice for the purpose of generating e-Way Bills.

    • File GSTR-4 as per latest changes : As per the changes made by GSTN on April 17th, Tally ERP 9 abutment the latest changes made in GSTR-4 Offline Tool Version 2.2.
  • Affability to look after differences in GSTR-1 transactions : As per the prevalent changes made by GSTN, tax amounts can be of any value (The condition of tax amount = taxable value*tax rate is dislodge).

If tax amounts are not equal to the computed tax amounts (taxable value*rate), Tally ERP9 Release 6.4.1 treats such transactions as Mismatches by default. You can resolve these anomaly by adjusting amounts before filing GSTR-1.

If you don’t prefer to individually habituate the mismatches in tax amounts, Release 6.4.1 will do it for you. Under GSTR-1, press F12 > Allow tax differences up to and choose your preferred option.

    • Automatic rounding off invoice amounts : Create a Round off Ledger and select Invoice Rounding as the type of ledger. While creating invoice when you select this ledger, Release 6.4.1 will auto calculate the difference value. For example: If the invoice value is Rs. 99.94, then upon choosing the Round off Ledger,tally ERP 9 Release 6.4.1 designate Re. 0.06 to this ledger and the invoice value gets converted to Rs.100.
  • Supports latest changes in Payroll as per Finance Bill 2018 : You can now measure salaries of your employees as per the latest budgetary changes made in Finance Bill 2018. Tally ERP9 Release 6.4.1 foothold the simulation of standard assumption, new tax slabs for health and education cess, benefits for senior citizens and changes in medical repayment and transport allowance.

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GST Transactions

Now you can quickly save vouchers in a company where e-Way Bill is approved in Tally ERP9 Release 6.4.1 .

    • Stock item names were imitate when a sales voucher was exported in the PDF format. This occurred when the voucher date was on or after the sufficient date for e-Way Bill, and the stock items had the same tax rates. This issue is resolved.
    • GSTIN/UIN and company details arose twice in the second page of the printed tax invoice. This appear when the invoice had five or more HSN/SAC codes and was configured to print GST analysis and HSN/SAC details. This issue is resolved.
    • While altering a POS invoice, rate per unit was materialize incorrectly when the option Allow entry of rate inclusive of tax for stock items? was disabled. This issue is resolved.
    • The error Failed to Create File!!! Arose on exporting the e-Way Bill details before saving the invoice, if the voucher number had special characters other than – (dash) and / (forward slash). This issue is resolved.
    • In a printed invoice, the GST Rate appeared as 0% and the tax analysis section did not arrive for transactions recorded on or after 1st February 2018. This occurred when more than one company having the same stock item name, with a difference in case (one in upper case and the other in lower case) were opened, and the invoice was listed in one of the companies by selecting this stock item. This issue is resolved.
    • Tax analysis did not appear in printed freeway sales invoices recorded on or after 1st February 2018. This occurred when the nature of transaction was changed to SEZ – LUT/Bond with tax rate in the invoice. This issue is resolved.
    • In a POS invoice, the State name selected in Party Details was modifying to the company\’s state name, resulting in the calculation of central and state tax, instead of integrated tax. This issue is resolved.
    • The state name and code of a buyer in India appeared for the collector of a foreign country. This occurred when the invoice was configured to Allow separate buyer and collector names , and printed by enabling the option Print State Name & State Code . This issue is resolved.
    • While printing invoices in the pre-printed format, the column headings did not arrive in GST analysis. This issue is resolved.
    • The option Is Bill of Entry available? came in the Party Details screen in all purchase transactions. This issue is resolved, and this option will now arrive only in purchases from parties defined as SEZ.
    • The heading and field names in the GST Details screen of a party ledger were compressed when multiple mailing details were empowered in a company where GST, VAT, and excise were activated. This issue is resolved.
    • In a POS invoice, the Rate per unit estimated based on Rate (Incl. of Tax) in the previous invoice appeared in the subsequent invoice, even if the Rate (Incl. of Tax) was changed. This issue is resolved.
    • Now you can enter the Shipping bill no. and Port code in the GST Details screen in a nil rated export sales transaction, and capture the same details in the e-return transported in the JSON format.
    • You can now record suspect export transactions (interstate and intrastate) with reverse charge and view them in the relevant GST reports.
    • The VAT invoice could not be printed in the print preview mode when the option Print Item-wise GST details? was empowered in print configuration. This issue is resolved.

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