What is VBA in Excel

What is VBA in Excel?

Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • What is MS Excel?
  • What is VBA in Excel?
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


We work on our computers on a daily basis. Software solutions like MS Word and MS Excel help us write and record all of our daily goals and data. But we never stop for a second and recognize the importance of these software systems. It would have been a huge task for me (as a writer) to pick up a typewriter and go for job hunting, similarly, an Excel expert would not find a suitable job for himself if the software was never created. We owe it to companies like Microsoft that had the brilliant thought of producing software systems like PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

More than half of the world’s industries are using these software solutions and Microsoft is not charging anything from these companies. If Microsoft wanted to make money out of these companies, it could have charged thousands of dollars yearly to these companies for letting them use these software systems. 

Today, we are going to deliberate about one of Microsoft’s most used and most reputed software in the world, i.e., MS Excel. We will talk about what is VBA in Excel and what are its functions. So, let us start with the topic without any delays.

What is MS Excel?

There’s a huge amount of data that is travelling all around the world right now. All the major companies generate and consume millions of GB of data every day. Some of this data has to be kept in a strict report-based structure and presented to the big corporates of these companies. Excel is a software that was designed for this purpose only. It helps us in organizing and cataloguing our data in the form of spreadsheets. Across those sheets, you can include any amount of data that you deem fit for that file. Apart from making an Excel report of the sheet, there are other uses of Excel as well. Let us find out what is VBA in Excel. To Know more join Advance Excel course in Chandigarh.

What is VBA in Excel?

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications, as the name suggests, it is a widely popular programming language that is built inside Microsoft Excel and is used for adding to the interactive nature of your Excel spreadsheets. It can also be used for automating tasks that are repetitive in nature and also for creating customised functions for your Excel sheets. Given below are some features of VBA;

1.    Programming Language: By using VBA as a coding language, you can write complex codes and manipulate the functioning of Excel according to your requirements. 

2.  Macros: Macros are used to create new and customised functions in Excel that can help you simplify many tasks such as complex calculations that can be done with a click of a button. 

3.  Automation: Tasks that are repetitive or can be blundered easily with human intervention can be automated using VBA in Excel. 

4.  Custom Functions: As mentioned before, VBA can be used to formulate your customised functions that can used just like formulas in Excel.

5.  Debugging and Testing: Microsoft has included debugging tools within VBA so that you can easily identify and fix problems in your code.

6.  Security: You can control all the behind-the-scenes actions occurring in VBA no additional or harmful code can run unintentionally.


In conclusion, Excel in itself is a complete software and by adding VBA to it, it becomes a complete package. People all around the world have been using MS Excel for decades now and adding VBA is like inviting a whole new generation of web developers and designers. If you think you can tackle and conquer the world of MS Excel, then CBitss has the best Excel training in Chandigarh for you. 


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