What is MYOB?

What is MYOB?

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  • What is MYOB?
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Running a small company is a huge task, then think about an MNC, or a company as big as Google or Amazon. No matter how big or small the company is, there is one department that is going to present in every one of them i.e., The Accounts department. It is one of the most crucial departments of any company. 

With a good accounting and finance department, there are almost zero chances of a company defaulting. The accounts department takes care of not only the account management but also the inventory, cash flow, reorders and many more such duties. To tackle these tasks more easily and efficiently, MYOB was created. It is the abbreviated form of ‘Mind Your Own Business’. 

Today, with this article, we will learn more about MYOB accounting software and what it offers to companies that are using it. So, let us dive into today’s topic without wasting any time.

What is MYOB?

As discussed above, MYOB is an accounting and finance software that is currently being used in many offices throughout the world. It is highly efficient in almost all the accounting practices required in an office. Its interface is really easy to use. However, becoming a MYOB expert takes some practice and a lot of experience. This you can get in our MYOB training in Chandigarh, where we teach you all the features of MYOB as a finance software. After this course, it will become easier for you to find a job in any company that requires an accounting and financing expert. You just have to be dedicated enough to complete the course and whatever training is given to you.

Features of MYOB

There are many features that MYOB contains within it. These are all related to accounting and finance. Some of the main features of MYOB are given below:

1. Accounting and bookkeeping: MYOB as software is enough for a small company to fulfill its accounting needs such as general ledger maintenance and bank reconciliation etc.

2. Invoicing and Billing: MYOB generates the most professional-looking bills and invoices and sends them to customers. It is one of the most useful features of MYOB.

3. Expense Tracking: Tracking business expenses was never this easy. MYOB single-handedly collects all the data from all your company’s bank accounts which helps in keeping track of all the company expenses.

4. Inventory Management: A MYOB expert will be able to track inventory stocks and manage them easily with MYOB. They can use MYOB to generate inventory reports as well.

5. Payroll Processing: MYOB as software has all the payroll-related services in-built. You can calculate compensations according to Indian rules and tax management. 

6. Tax Compliance: You will never be late for your tax submissions again with MYOB and a MYOB expert. The job of your MYOB expert will also include tax-related problems. Within MYOB there are features include that help you with timely payments and calculations of taxes etc.

These are just a few examples of what MYOB is capable of. Its features list can go on forever. But what’s important in all this is how efficiently and smoothly this software operates even after being filled with all these features.


A MYOB course in Chandigarh would be a great career move as most companies regularly hire accounting experts. Your resume will shine in front of recruiters once you add this course and its certification to your CV. 


Q. How long is a MYOB course?

A. According to the search results, most of the courses mentioned online are between 2-3 months. 

Q. Can I do this course without a degree in accounting?

A. A degree is not necessary for this course. However, you must have a general idea about the accounting terms.

Q. What should I do if I am in school and want to do this course?

A. You can complete your school and later join the course. It wouldn’t be a good idea to stop schooling and join any course.

Q. Can I pay for the course in EMIs?

A. That’s the prerogative of the institution you want to join. You will have to talk to them about this problem.

Q. What is the scope of getting a job after this course?

A. As this service is highly in demand right now, the scope of acquiring a job after getting certified is humongous.

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