What is managerial accounting?

What is managerial accounting?

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  • Introduction
  • What is managerial accounting?
  • It’s key features
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In the world of business and entrepreneurship, accounting is one of the most important departments. You can ask any businessman about which department they think is the most vital for their organisation. Their answer would point directly to the accounts department. The role of the accounts department of any organisation is much vaster than it seems from the outside. It is easy to assume that the accounts people just sit in front of their screens and do nothing. But if these people stop their work for even a single day, the company can go bankrupt. Yes, that’s how important they are to the company. 

When we talk about account departments of various companies, we also must not forget that the account departments don’t just limit themselves to creating balance sheets but perform a lot of other important job profiles such payroll management, tax management, calculation of all transactions and many more. This makes the accounting department a multi-tasking one. Even during holidays and festivities, the accounts department rarely gets a holiday and is stuck with their job. 

Today, we will discuss the accounting department and find out what is managerial accounting. Also, we will look at some of its most important features. So, let us start with the topic before you start losing your interest in this blog. 

What is managerial accounting?

There are several branches in the field of accounting and Managerial or Management accounting is an important one out of all of them. It is vital in large businesses as it provides valuable insights to business owners and stakeholders which in turn helps them in making more informed decisions and also, helps them in creating a performance evaluation for better planning and control. It can help maintain the company’s morale as it can quantify the amount of profit that the company is making and show that data to everyone so that they stay motivated and complete their tasks on time. Let us see some of its key features:

Key features of Managerial accounting?

1.   Internal Focus: Managerial accounting focuses on taking care of the concerns of internal members of the organisation like managers and other executives. 

2.  Future Orientation: More than focusing on the old trends, Managerial accounting is more concerned about the coming future interpretations. With the help of this system, companies can guess the upcoming trends.

3.  Decision-Relevance: The analysis performed by managerial accounting can help in better decision-making by the company’s top brass. 

4.  Timeliness: Managerial accounting is a time-sensitive tool that has to be repeated again and again for better decision-making processes. 

5.  Confidentiality: As discussed before, Managerial accounting reports contain sensitive information that cannot be shared with outside parties at any cost. 

6.  Customization: The reports created by the managerial accounting staff can be customised according to the requirements of different management officials. 


In conclusion, almost all fields of accounting have their relevance in the world as businesses are controlled by these formulas. If you have a knack for accounting, we at CBitss have the best accounting course in Chandigarh for you.


Q. Will I be able to join without a degree?

Yes, you can join the course after completing school.

Q. Can I get a decent job after the course?

Yes, our certificates are genuine and recognised all over the country and can help you land a nice job if you work on your skills well.

Q. What is the duration of the course?

Most of our accounting courses are 1-2 months long.

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No, currently this course is only available offline.

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You can join the course whenever you prefer.

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