Tally Training in Chandigarh

Tally Training in Chandigarh

Tally Training in Chandigarh

Tally ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) 9 is multi-functional accounting software that is used to record financial transactions. It involves accounting, banking, payroll preparation, inventory management, tax management, cost center management. It supports all day-to-day processes from recording invoices to generating various MIS (Management Information System) reports.

90 percent of the business enterprises around the world use Tally ERP 9. Demand for Tally software has been rapidly rising. Recognized Tally software provider Mazenet has successfully provided Tally software for different business sectors.

Some features of Tally are as follows:


Organizations use the accounting features of Tally in different ways including, debit, credit, contra, reverse journal, payments, receipt, sales, purchase, and memos.


Banking is a new and important feature added up in the latest Tally versions including ERP 9. With the help of the banking function, the user can maintain a cheque register, create deposit slips, print cheque, and get payment advice too. It provides a solution for the user regarding bank reconciliation. It has been majorly used to reconcile the bank statements with the bank account books.

Ease to Ratio analysis

Ratio analysis helps the user to analyze the profit of a particular business. The debt/inquiry ratio, inventory turnover, quick ratio, and current ratio are the important ones. It helps the user to take accurate decisions.

Ease to Inventory

A well-maintained inventory helps in reducing the loss and wastage in manufacturing. The user can go one step further in classifying the inventories with respect to the tariff, warehouses, and stock items.

Ease of Taxation and billing

Tally software has not only been involved in handling VAT, income tax, excise tax, customs, and service tax.

Tally training courses in Chandigarh provide complete theoretical as well as practical knowledge that is necessary to get a job as an accountant.

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