How Long Does it take to Become QUICKBOOKS CERTIFIED?

Quickbooks is an accounting software package. It is developed and marketed by Intuit. These are mainly for small and medium-sized businesses. It is an accounting application, and also it is a cloud-based version. This accepts the business payment, manages payments, plays bills. Intuit is the developer of this system.

In 1983 Intuit was found by Scott cook and Prolux in California, USA. They get high success in quicken, and that is for personal financial management. After that, they built a small service similar to this for the small business owner. The initial Quickbooks was in the DOS version that had worked on the quicken code base. 

This is popular software for small businesses, and this is especially for owners without formal accounting training. Now it is commanding over vast companies, and it is covering the majority of the market. It is almost covering 85 percent of US small businesses. In the traditional method, because of security issues, many professional accountants were insecure about using this. 

In recent Quickbooks, there are some new features are there. Features like double-entry accounting function and full audit trail capabilities. 2019 came with some new features to improve reliability and for a smooth experience. All desktop versions are available as a pro, premiere, and accountant type. Also, have some new features like automatic payment reminder, send batch invoices to customers, easy version update, and many more.

In the 2021 version, all desktop versions are available, also can do automatic receipt management or do a batch delete of sales order. Its international version is available now in the market. Anyone can access the Quickbooks desktop version in UK and Ireland, but they have to take a subscription. The rental or subscription version of the desktop is available for UK and Ireland users. Its Mac version is available for the US only. Quickbooks training in Chandigarh by CBitss is best.

The time requirement for Quickbooks certification

Quickbooks online certification consists of 8 learning modules, and it requires 12.5 hours to get this. It will earn you 9.5 CPE. Some topics in this are client onboarding, managing your client and work, Quickbooks online solution for clients.

Many more topics like banking and tools, supporting small business clients, all this in the pro online course.

Also, there is an advanced course with ten learning modules, and it requires 13 hours. This includes topics like advanced categorization, advanced features, advanced banking, and many more. Also covers topic like sales tax, multi-currency, advanced reports, and a person can get 9.5 CPE in this. For different courses, it requires different periods. You can get your Quickbooks training in CBitss.

Some benefits of Quickbooks for the startup

Affordable pricing: in a startup, businesses need to have a large amount to operate this, so this is best. This comes at an affordable price, and that is why it reduces the cost for owners. It is famous in the market because of its least money requirement. And that is why it is mostly startup owners prefer this. This costs only $12.5 per month and is affordable for a startup owner. You are free to cancel your subscription whenever you want, and this makes it different from others.

Wide range of features: wide range of features is available in this and affordable. This has all features like income and expense tracking, reporting, balance sheet, and many more features. It covers all features that require to start up a new business. Advance businesses also have many features like bill pay, inventory tracking, and many more.

Integrates with other financial tools: this also has integration with many different tools. Some special tools are also there to manage complexity and to complete work smoothly. This also has integration with some tools like Bill.Com, Expensify, PayPal, and many more tools.

Easy to use: many startup owners usually prefer this in their new business because it is easy to use. This helps get experience in starting a business. It is users friendly, and that is why even founders with limited experience can also use this.

Popular in bookkeepers, accountant: bookkeeper accountant, finance firm all this important for a startup business. So, to grow your business, you need persons who have experience in this field. If you choose a person with no experience, then it may be challenging for you in the future. So, it is easy to find an accountant with experience on this platform.

Stores record safely in the cloud: it gives you high security to your record. It gives you access to your records anytime and anyplace in the world. In some cases, if there is a problem with your computer, you can also access your data through the internet. You can restore it anytime to your computer from the cloud. Most cloud-based software is centrally adopted, so there is no worry to update this. It always uses an up-to-date version.

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