5 Fascinating Applications That You Can Develop With Python

5 Fascinating Applications That You Can Develop With Python

5 Fascinating Applications That You Can Develop With Python – Since the past decade, technological advancements around the world are happening at an unprecedented rate. From Supercomputers, Smart Phones to Artificial Intelligence, many technologies are paving the way towards a better future.  

With programming languages, various programs and mobile applications are developed by leaps and bounds to utilize these technologies. Python is among the most preferred programming languages worldwide.  

In 2019, Python achieved the #1 position among the other programming languages.  The reason behind the massive Goodwill and success is Python’s features of structural, functional, and object-oriented programming.  The open-source language has taken the entire mobile app development process to completely another level. As a result, hordes of companies hire python developers all around the world. Python training in Chandigarh makes it easy for professionals to gather knowledge from experienced trainers holding more than a decade of experience under their belts.    

So, let’s dive right in and shed some more light on the subject.  

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What kind of Applications Can You Develop with Python? 

Game App Development 

Creating a rapid game prototype and Pygame in real-time is no more in the realms of fantasy but a reality these days. If you are a gaming enthusiast, you’ve probably heard about the popular games, naming EVE Online and Battlefield 2. Well, developers have created these games using the Python programming language.  Besides, the World of Tanks game uses this open-source, high-level programming language for most features.   

Many games in the market are created with this robust and quick programming language. Even Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean game was developed using the Panda 3D game engine that runs on Python. It also lets you create game designing tools that will assist you in various development processes.  

Machine Learning Applications 

Machine learning development has become a hot button topic worldwide. This trend has gained attention worldwide because of amazing algorithm technology that feeds data to operating systems. Eventually, the technology lets these operating systems make a better decision.  

Earlier, creating machine learning apps used to be a daunting task. Thanks to the Python programming language, it has become easier than ever to create machine learning applications with ease.  Panda and Scikit are some major Python libraries that you can use for free under the GNU license. Basic knowledge of Python is necessary to create astonishing machine learning apps with libraries.   

Blockchain Applications 

Blockchain technology has brought a huge revolution in the digital landscape. For developers, Blockchain development wasn’t as easy as a leisurely walk in the park. Since Python is a very understandable language, it has made it easier than ever to build complex Blockchain applications.  

Flask is a Python framework that helps developers use HTTP requests to interact with the Blockchain through the World Wide Web. Besides, developing a decentralized network with Python is possible to run the scripts on various machines. 

Business Applications 

Among the huge advantages of the Python language is its feature of supporting practical agility. Python programming language helps in developing various kinds of apps and assist in E-Commerce app development solutions. 

Odoo provides a variety of business apps, forming a suite of business management applications. This all-in-one software is built with Python language. Tryton is yet another high-level business app that is written in Python. Python is the #1 choice for many app development companies because it helps them create various apps easily.    

Video and Audio Apps 

Are you interested in creating music and other kinds of audio as well as video applications? If so, it is the right time to consider Python language for analyzing audio and video content. For completion of the app development, you can your PyDub and OpenCV python libraries.  

YouTube is a world-renowned application that was created with Python language. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this incredible language can deliver high-performance apps.  


Python is becoming one of the sought after programming languages worldwide. Both the coding and Data Science communities use this language to build standout apps. Companies are increasingly hiring python developers to build secure and robust applications for their ease.  If you want to become a python developer, it is the right time to join a reputed institute for Advance Python training in Chandigarh.  

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