How to learn English in 30 days?

How to learn English in 30 days

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  • How to learn English in 30 days?
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In India, learning and speaking English can be a boon in the job environment. It can easily be a requirement in many companies. It is determined during the interview stage only by many companies. This has become such a point of infatuation that many students are now joining extra tuition to learn English alone. One might be able to understand the condition of their parents. They must be under constant stress for their children and their future as they already know the importance of speaking fluent English in today’s India. 

It should not have been like this but we are unable to change the way our education system works. There is a little bit of hope with the New Education Policy that was introduced recently by the government. Under this policy, the students will be taught English as a substitute subject and not a primary subject. Students from different parts of India will be taught in their mother tongues. This will make it much clearer to the students that all languages are important and that speaking their mother tongue is not a sin. 

Today, with this article we are going to understand the importance of English in our culture and how to learn English in 30 days. So, let us dive into the topic without any more delay.

How to learn English in 30 days?

Learning anything takes time and constant practice. If you think you can learn something in a week and master it, you might be delusional. However, with lots of practice and a zeal for mastering this language, you might just become fluent in English in just 30 days. And, if you need any more assistance, we at EnglishPro are always happy to help you in your predicament. You can join our English-speaking course and start your journey with a holistic approach to learning English. We at EnglishPro tackle the problem from all aspects and polish all your English-related problems. 

Here are a few tips and tricks using which you can start working on your language at home;

  1. Immerse Yourself: This means that you must consume as much English content as possible. It can include English movies, tv shows, YouTube videos etc.
  2. Study Essentials: Buy some books on English grammar and literature. Get a monthly subscription to an English newspaper.
  3. Set Realistic Goals: Dividing these 30 days into smaller sections will create an easy target for you for example, learn English grammar for 3 days and then English literature for the next 3 and keep Sundays for revision.
  4. Daily Routine: You must work on all the aspects of English i.e., reading, listening, writing and speaking. Focus on all the aspects equally.
  5. Speaking Practice: Ask your family member or your friends to assist you in this step. You can get the most loyal and true feedback from the people around you.
  6. Vocabulary Building: Learning new words will expand the capacity of your mind to digest more new information every day. Keep a set target of words you must learn daily and stick to it.
  7. Writing Practice: Start keeping a journal with you at all times. Keep writing in that journal whatever you do in a whole day. You can even use that journal to revise everything you have learned in the day.
  8.  Stay Motivated: Remember that language learning is a gradual process. Celebrate your progress along the way and never give up till you achieve your goal.


With all the suggested steps and processes you may be able to learn and speak English just the way you want to. Just don’t give up and keep moving forward in your journey. To learn more join English speaking course in Chandigarh.

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Q. Is English that important?

Certainly, unfortunately, we have made English highly important in this country.

Q. Can I join a course for English speaking?

You can, of course but with the given information in this article, you must start at home.

Q. Will this help me get a job?

Yes, of course in companies where English knowledge is important, it will help you in clearing interviews.

Q. How long is the course duration?

The duration of the course depends on the requirements of the students. 

Q. Can I join this course while I am still in school?

Yes, Of course this course can help people of all ages. 

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