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Accounting Courses

Top 7 best accounting courses 2021-22

The companies produce a considerable amount of data. Primarily, these data consist of the finance of a company. It may include bills, transactions, and taxes. Here comes the role of the accounting section. Accounting is the process of managing all the financial data of a company. In the past years, humans managed the accounts section, however, the advent of AI-based software is changing the scene in companies. Many companies are adopting software such as Tally, QuickBooks, etc., to manage to account. As a result, the demand for accounting professionals is increasing. Many companies want employees who know AI-based software in accounting.

Moreover, several computer tools make the work easier. Having an idea about these tools and software will increase the chances of getting a  job. CBitss offers several accounting courses in Chandigarh by specialized teachers. Having an idea about any of the tools will help you to manage the accounting easily. Therefore, joining the accounting course is very helpful.

Importance of Accounting

Accounting is the pillar of any business. It determines the success or failure of a project. Moreover, you can analyze the accounts to draft a suitable action plan. In addition, the records will help to compare the improvement in a business’s net returns.

Helps in Decision making 

One of the significant applications of accounting in decision-making. It analyzes the success or failure of a project. Moreover, the records help in drafting a suitable plan. If the project does not benefit the company, then it is removed. If it is beneficial, then the employees can work on more projects. All this analysis depends on the accounting.

Saves time 

Previously, humans managed to account. It was a challenging and time-taking task. However, new technologies such as QuickBooks, accounting, and cloud computing make the work easier. The accounting course is essential to learn at least one of these tools.

The calculations are faster, and they are very accurate. It helps in comparing different projects and promotes the expansion of business.


All the industries require an accounting section as it is crucial for the management of bills. Moreover, it saves time for other employees. They can focus on the strategic work plan as the accountants will be managing the transactions and finance.

It is crucial to keep financial records and helps in the maintenance of taxes.

Evaluation of the projects 

The accounting section is important to evaluate the results of a new project. It is possible by comparison of previous returns and more recent returns. As a result, you can know the success of a new idea or project. You can check whether the results are suitable or not.


If there are many income sources, then taxation can be complicated. In such a situation, accounting is essential. Moreover, there is software like tally which helps in the calculation of taxes. Therefore, joining an accounting course is very important.

CBitss provides several accounting courses in Chandigarh. There are several courses to choose from.

Different accounting courses available in Chandigarh

1.   Tally training 

It has become a standard accounting software in many companies. Tally software helps in managing business transactions, finance, etc. It can store a large amount of data. In addition, it has a GST feature. It can easily calculate the taxes.

2.   QuickBooks training 

QuickBooks is another accounting software. It is suitable for small businesses. It helps in managing the sales, payroll, and inventory. In addition, it can also send online invoices and merchant services.

3.   Computex

This software helps in the management of the taxes. They simplify the concept of income tax filing in India. It stores the data and calculates the taxes. Several tools are also present, such as VAT, GST, Sales tax, or service taxes.

4.   Myob 

It is another helpful accounting software for smaller enterprises. It can work online, and payments can be managed using invoices. Moreover, it tracks the inputs and outputs of expenses.

5.   Busy training 

It is integrated accounting software. This software is helpful for small, medium, and large enterprises. It is one of the most popular accounting software in India.

6.   GST 

It is the standard tax that everyone has to give for goods and services. GST is an essential part of accounting. It is vital to have basic knowledge about GST to help in taxation.

7.   Payroll 

It is the process of giving the salary to an employee. It is crucial in accounting as it decides the overall returns in a company. Moreover, the employees must be paid fully to get the job done.


The accounting courses in 2021 mainly include the use of software for accounting. Consequently, there is exposure to different IT tools. Therefore, getting a certificate in any of the accounting courses will help me get jobs. CBitss is one of the top training institutes to offer the best accounting courses in Chandigarh.

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English Speaking

5 Essential Tips for Clear Communication in English

Communication is the way of expressing ourselves. It is an excellent way of interacting with people in our surroundings. However, the language can act as a barrier many times. Therefore, using a common language is very important. English provides the medium of communication and reduces the language barrier to a great extent. With the increasing globalization, we need to communicate with people from different regions. Sometimes language can become a burden not only in the country but also worldwide. Therefore, learning English is very important. In India, we need a common language for interaction because there are many different languages and cultures. English is the international language. Therefore, one must be able to speak correctly in English. Also, this helps in interaction with people from different countries. If you want to get a job in a multinational company, then speaking skills are fundamental. You can improve your speaking skills by joining the English speaking course. This will give you an advantage during job placements and interviews. CBitss provides the best English-speaking course and is a leading step to achieve great success by learning English. Moreover, there are several ways to improve your speaking skills.

Why is English communication skills necessary?

Learning English grammar and literature and improving your speaking skills are more critical. It gives you an advantage in the work-life. In addition, it increases your exposure. 

There are many advantages of improving your skills. It is helpful in the following areas of life.

  • It helps to increase job exposure. You can get a chance in a multinational company also. You must know how to express your ideas. For this, you need a good command of English. 
  • The updates about innovations or discoveries come are released in English. Therefore, if you want to stay updated, you should learn English.
  • English is also essential in work life. Moreover, you should have fluent and pleasant speaking. This will grab the attention of the audience.
  • We all like to go on trips. Sometimes the language may act as a barrier. If you have good English speaking skills, then you can communicate with people. You will feel familiarity. Moreover, you will be able to explain your needs. 
  • Good English speaking skills will increase your chances of getting a job. The interviewers prefer candidates with good speaking skills. This is beneficial for their companies. Therefore, joining an English-speaking course will increase your chances of success. You will stand out in the job placements and interviews.CBitss offers the best English-speaking course with regular assignments. 
  • English is vital in student life also as it helps you to stand out among your classmates. 

Tips to improve English speaking skills

1. Use of words 

The quality of the sentences depends on the use of words. It would help if you tried to keep the terms as simple as possible so that you could speak clearly. Difficult words will confuse the listeners. Moreover, you can talk without stopping. The sentences become more apparent and understandable. The best English-speaking course will improve these skills. 

2. Shorter sentences

Shorter sentences are the key to fluent communication. If you make more extensive sentences, you will confuse yourself. Moreover, you may confuse the listeners as well. The key to effective speaking is short and clear sentences. Even if you have to use more significant sentences, use transition words. The outcome will be smoother and precise.

3. Regular practice 

Practice increases the fluency of speaking. In addition, you can learn more words. This will improve your vocabulary. You can use simpler words in your sentence. This is possible only if you practice English speaking daily. 

4. The perfect rhythm 

You must know your rhythm. Different people have different speeds of speaking. It would help if you also tried to understand your rhythm. Don’t speak too fast because the sentences will not be clear. However, speaking too slow will reduce the interest of the audience. Therefore, it is crucial to get the perfect speed of your talking.

5. Be casual 

If you want to express yourself better, then try to choose casual speaking. Sometimes Professional English will confuse the listeners and, you may confuse yourself too. However, it would help if you did not become too simple. Try to maintain a formality with casual speaking.


English speaking is essential. It will give you several benefits. It is helpful in college life and works life. By increasing your speaking skills, you have better opportunities in job placements.

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